Do More With Your Events

Real Time Metrics + Automated Documentation
using your existing data pipeline.

No SDK or complex setup required.


Real Time Metrics

Analytics events aren't just for BI.

Level up observability and feed real-time data into your product - using your existing events.

  • Dashboards & Alerting powered by Grafana
  • Continuous re-training of ML models
  • High performance customer dashboards

AutoDocs BETA

Supercharge your team with fully documented and searchable event schemas, automatically generated and kept up to date.

  • Schemas for ALL your events and properties
  • Don't waste time "figuring out" event structures
  • Review changes between releases

Why Choose

There are many options to choose from when building out your data stack. Here's why you should include us.


Send JSON, we'll make it useful.

We don't expect you to install an SDK or write a transformation layer.


We don't want or need your raw data.

Security & privacy are in our DNA.


We obsess, so you don't have to.

Data is complicated enough, we won't add yet another layer of complexity.

Simple Pricing

We strive for understandable and predictable pricing. No tiered services, no differentiated features. Just pay for the quantity you need. Everyone gets the same great service.

Starting at $60

Billed Monthly
5M Events
10 Filters
14 Day Free Trial (no credit card required)
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Our Recent Posts

AutoDocs: Automatic Documentation for your Analytics Events

We're working on a new feature for monitoring and exploring your analytics events.

Load Balancing Data Ingest With Cloudflare Workers

Building an API for analytics event ingestion using Cloudflare workers as a means to load-balance traffic spikes and enable high-availability services.

Analytics Without Events: DynamoDB

In this use case, we look at how one company is able to achieve real time monitoring without an existing data pipeline and no new code.

Measuring Concurrency Using Heartbeat Events

Explore how a video game with a simple "heartbeat" event enables numerous metrics using our Grafana plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is my raw data retained?

Our pipeline will retain raw data for up to 12 hours in the event of emergencies that interrupt processing. This data lives only in a raw compressed queue and is not queryable/accessible easily.

Is my data secure?

Yes! We utilize various, battle-tested 3rd parties to build our product and ensure that in every possible scenario, encryption is enabled both in transit and at rest.

Are there limits?

Some, yes, but ideally, you won’t notice. One of the motivating factors behind was to remove any burden of thinking about cardinality. Read more about cardinality here

Can I REALLY use my existing data pipeline?

Almost definitely yes! If you’re using Segment or a similar CDP, they probably have a webhook destination. If you’re using Kafka, you can set up an HTTP Sink. As long as you can POST us JSON, we can probably ingest it. If you have a tricky situation, reach out and we can probably figure it out.

Why should I trust you?

We’re a new company, it makes sense to be wary. We have worked in Data, Operations, Analytics, Product & more at some of the largest companies in the world. We have built based on that experience, and we’re trying to provide products similar to tooling those companies have internally - for everyone.

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