LiveOps Ready Data

Live service games require immense amounts of data.

With ingesting your gameplay events, you're able to build an observability culture on par with the biggest game studios in the world.

You can monitor your CCU metrics next to your server health telemetry using our Grafana Plugin.

Setting up monitoring and alerting based on your analytics events empowers developers to implement, instrument and monitor their features end-to-end.

We have experience building systems that scale to TRILLIONS of Events

Incident Management

Actionable data is crucial to managing incidents in gaming.

Using your analytics events for real-time monitoring & alerting is like using a cheat-code during incidents. You can dive directly into the data - no guestimating or trying to correlate backend traces to user behavior.

By using the same events for observability & analytics:

  • You can translate your filter to a query against the raw data in your data lake.
  • More people familiar with the underlying data can help with identifying root causes and impacted users.
  • Spinning up new dashboards is a breeze, simply create a new filter/aggregation, no code changes required.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a filter?

A filter is the building block for your real-time aggregation. It defines what data matters, how you want to group your aggregations and at what interval. Learn more here

How many aggregations do I get per filter?

You can add up to 10 aggregations per filter. Each aggregation can contain 1-6 calculations, so you don’t need to worry about separate aggregations for Counts vs Sums etc.

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