Automatic Documentation for Your Analytics Events

Example showing sample/fake data & some ingest data sources

Ingest Data

Attach Your Pipeline & Describe Your Events

Ingest Data

Attach Your Pipeline & Describe Your Events

Connect your existing analytic events from a variety of sources, no need to implement yet another SDK. Then, configuring AutoDocs is as simple as setting your event name & version properties. This flexibility means you can be setup in minutes - not days or weeks.

Events Explorer

The Data Dictionary You've Always Wanted

Take a deeper look and explore property samples and distributions. All without adding complexity to your pipeline.

With Events Explorer you can search through the structure of your analytics events. No more SELECT * LIMIT 10 just to determine the proper capitilization of a field.

Versions Explorer

An Automated Change Log For Your Event Schemas

Never let an unexpected change makes it way to production again.

With Versions Explorer, you gain full visibility into the lineage and history of your event schemas. You'll get an easy to understand change log as each new version rolls out, as well as when new pre-release versions are detected.

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