# Use Cases

Below is a list of sample problems and how to solve them using Aggregations.io.

# Measuring Concurrent Users (CCU)

In this guide we take a look at the value of heartbeat events and how we can use them to monitor a video game's live CCU using the Grafana Plugin. Why does concurrency matter? How can you utilize advanced Grafana features for your dashboards? Find out today!

# Monitoring App Releases

In this guide we dive into tracking your App Releases in real-time with Aggregations.io. We focus on a mobile app utilizing an AppOpen event to keep an eye on propagation as they roll out new versions to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We look at how to best structure such an event for real-time monitoring as well as a couple example dashboard setups.

# DynamoDB Stream Monitoring

In this guide we explore an example of monitoring an application without implementing analytics events. HTML/CSS To Image API is utilizing DynamoDB Streams and Kinesis to pipe record changes directly to Aggregations.io, building internal monitoring and alerting as well as improving their customer dashboard.