# Choosing a Plan

Plans are made up of two components, measured on a monthly basis:

  1. Number of Ingested Events
  2. Number of Filters

Plain and simple. Plans include an unlimited amount of users.

# Number of Events

Choose the number of events your event producers will send to Aggregations.io monthly. By default, Aggregations.io allows up to 1000M.

# Number of Filters

Filters are what your aggregations are based on. Choose the amount you want to have active at any point in time. All Aggregations.io plans come with 10. By default, you can add up to an additional 90, for a total of 100.

# Event Overages

As you approach your plan limit, your organization will receive automated notifications from Aggregations.io, so that you can take appropriate plan action. You can also view your current period usage at anytime on the Home and Organizations page.

To prevent rejected events, there are two courses of action:

  1. Upgrade your plan on the Organizations page
  2. Use the Enable Overages feature

# Enable Overages

Aggregations.io has an automatic "Enable Overages" feature, which is found in the Change Plan menu of the Organizations page. Enabling this feature will automatically increase your organizations plan limit by 10% once you reach your plan limit for a small premium. This is not intended to be a substitute for managing your plan.