# Testing Your Metrics

The Data Preview helps you validate your aggregations (i.e. checking syntax, understanding your groupings, etc.). It's not intended to be a full-fledged dashboard and does not save state. For that, we recommend the Grafana Plugin.

# Data Preview

The Data Preview allows you to see the results for one of your aggregations by choosing a Filter and Aggregation to plot over a selected start and end time. You can also choose to include or exclude groupings in the preview. When including groupings, you can toggle an individual group by clicking on it in the key. Double-click to quickly isolate one group.

# Troubleshooting

If Aggregations.io doesn't fetch any data for your query, you will see a blank graph. This may be because your aggregation is malformed, or because the time range doesn't have any data. Try the following steps to figure out why you have no results:

  1. Make sure you have ingested event data successfully, and that the events fall within the start and end time in your query. You can confirm this with the historical usage graph on the Home or Organization page. If you are using the default ingest timestamp, you can also verify when events were ingested against the start and end time of your query.

  2. Check that your Filter, Groupings, and Sub Filters syntax match the events in your payload. If your syntax is incorrect, Aggregations.io won't produce any results.