# Amazon Kinesis

Ingesting data into Aggregations.io from Amazon Kinesis is easy.

# Prerequisites

To set up this integration you'll need to first:

  1. Set up an ingest:
  • using the JSON Object with Events in an Array Property schema.
  • The Events Property Path should be @.records.
  1. Create an API Key to use with this integration with Write permissions. We'd recommend creating a dedicated Org-Wide API Key.
  2. Ensure you have permissions to create Kinesis Data Firehose resources in your AWS account.

# Setting up Your Firehose

# 1 - Create a new Delivery Stream

Navigate to your AWS Console and search for Kinesis Data Firehose in the region with your Kinesis stream.

You'll want to click Create Delivery Stream - it's usually a big yellow button.

Source should be Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Destination should be HTTP Endpoint

# 2 - Firehose Settings

# Source Settings

Choose your source data stream from the options.

# Delivery stream name

Give your new delivery stream a name that is memorable and represents its purpose. "Aggregations.io Events" would work 😃

# 3 - Destination Settings

HTTP endpoint URL is the POST URL from your ingest.

Access Key is your Aggregations.io Api Key.

Content Encoding select GZIP.

Buffer Hints > Buffer Size Set to 1 MiB.

# Conclusion

You're now ready to ingest your Kinesis data into Aggregations.io. With this integration, you can start analyzing data from a myriad of AWS services and data sources in real time.

# Troubleshooting

# Error Codes

See the Ingest Docs for common errors ingesting events.